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Upcoming Stories

There’s always something happening at CATC, from the rich stories of individual urban teens finding new hope and opportunity, to our twice-annual themed student art shows, or the excitement of seniors creating their futures through Bridging the Gap. Here are some ideas for stories. For appointments or interviews: Gail Silver at or 513.475.0002

Back from Yellowstone – Returning with the elixir

We’re back from Yellowstone, with 11 students whose view of the world and of their own capabilities will never be the same. Photos and more details in the latest issue of our Changing Lives newsletter. Once again Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey provided the framework for this learning expedition, guiding them along his 10 steps to becoming their own personal heroes beginning with the “Call to adventure” and ending with “Returning with the elixir,” the final step. This is where the journeyer returns, transformed, to bring value to his or her community, family, school, etc.

Back home in Cincinnati, the students’ opportunities to return with the elixir might now include helping our local parks. In their meeting with Cincinnati Parks leadership, the group of our previous Yellowstone adventurers proposed an “urban youth advisory board.” The board will be charged with suggesting new ways to ensure that local parks appeal to, and are accessible by, all current and future Cincinnati youth.  Urban teens often have fewer opportunities to enjoy the parks than kids who live in the suburbs but, arguably, their need is greater.

It’s back-to-CATC time.

We’re also getting ready to welcome students back to CATC for the new school year. We always give them a few weeks to settle into their academic schedules, and in mid-September, when they return, we’ll be introducing them to a particularly timely theme of study for election season: Art, Culture and Politics.

Lots more to come as another exciting school year unfolds.

Ongoing story opportunities:

Training for meaningful careers with Bridging the Gap: Every summer, recently graduated seniors train in various career paths, including as nursing assistants (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is primary partner), through the CATC Bridging the Gap workforce development program. BTG is an extension of the arts-based programming that helps the students achieve graduation, with supports to enable them to succeed after graduation.
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CATC results, how and why the arts can level the playing field for urban teens
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Student twice-yearly art shows

Spring college tours

Museum and gallery tours