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There’s always something happening at CATC, from the rich stories of individual urban teens finding new hope and opportunity, to our twice-annual themed student art shows, or the excitement of seniors creating their futures through Bridging the Gap. Here are some ideas for stories. For appointments or interviews: Gail Silver at or 513.475.0002

Spring Fever student show is April 19
New cameras, equipment spur student innovation 

CATC students have been learning to use new cameras, digital drawing screens, and a digitally controlled kiln, all made possible by generous donations from CATC supporters.  The new technology, combined with the semester study theme, the “Top Ten” principles of art, have inspired a new level of student creativity and innovation.  Come see what we mean, at the annual Spring Fever student art show on Saturday, April  19.

Students have been experimenting with the new kiln–and learning some basic chemistry along the way– using glass-firing techniques to create holes and bubbles, transferring photos to glass, and using the iron from printer toner as pigment. When one of the students asked CATC  instructor Scott Kelley if it would be possible to fire glass in a way that replicates a waterfall, he said “why not?” even though he doesn’t recall ever seeing that done. The experiment resulted in a couple of trial “water” fountains, revealing that the answer is yes.

Meanwhile, the DMM (digital multimedia) students under the direction of instructor Ryan Little have four new professional digital single-lens reflex cameras, four digital drawing tablets, and a dedicated area with professional lighting equipment for studio photography. “When they see the cameras, they say ‘wow, this is the real deal,’” says Little. Students who like to draw and paint have welcomed the new digital drawing tablets, which enable them to use a stylus as well as the keyboard to make their art.

Both instructors agree that less is more when it comes to directing student creativity. “We get more out of creative direction when we leave the kids to come up with their own ideas,” says Little.

Join us for the annual Spring Fever student art show on Saturday, April  19,  3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

CATC begins 10th year of service

The 2013-14 school year marks 10 years of changing lives, bringing hope and opportunity to more than 3,000 urban teens.  We began as an arts-based credit-recovery program that now graduates 93% of our mostly at-risk students. Then we added Bridging the Gap, a workforce program to help kids succeed after graduation, staying with them for the first year in college or matching them to careers, with an 89% job retention rate. We’re celebrating 10 years of helping urban teens become self-sufficient adults, equipped to raise self-sufficient current and future families. We’re honored to make a difference–for our kids, our neighborhoods, our entire community. Thanks for your support, and for celebrating 10 years with us.

CATC students return from Yellowstone, taking the experience into their senior year 

Ten CATC  students returned from  a week-long summer adventure at Yellowstone National Park with a new perspective on life’s possibilities and their own potential. The students committed to return to CATC for their senior year, and will be  mentoring other CATC students, sharing their learning from the trip, and expressing their transformative Yellowstone experiences through art, as part of “The Hero’s Journey,” the academic theme for the first semester of study as the school year opens.

CATC will be tracking the students’ academic and personal successes in the coming year, and evaluating the impact of such a trip on student performance. To arrange a time to talk with any of the 10 students whose lives have been forever changed by the experience, contact Gail at or 513.475.0002

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