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Upcoming Stories

There’s always something happening at CATC, from the rich stories of individual urban teens finding new hope and opportunity, to our twice-annual themed student art shows, or the excitement of seniors creating their futures through Bridging the Gap. Here are some ideas for stories. For appointments or interviews: Gail Silver at or 513.475.0002

School’s out for summer but not for CATC students. Here’s a sampling of the remarkable summer opportunities for our students during CATC “Opportunity Summer.”

Yellowstone expedition will open eyes and doors for 10 Cincinnati teens. CATC students are preparing for the trip of a lifetime, and experiences seldom if ever available to these urban, mostly at-risk teens.  In preparation for their August trip to Yellowstone National Park, they are studying Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, to make the most of their personal growth through this trip.  Story opportunities include:
* various preparatory trips, such as the July 10, 2015 visit to the Cincinnati Zoo with Director Thane Maynard their personal guide to learn about wild animals they’re likely to see at Yellowstone.
* interview a student or two regarding their excitement, fears (first time flying, wild animals, all new experiences) and hopes for the trip; then after the trip regarding what they learned, how they grew
* daily journal entries from the students at Yellowstone, with their photos, sketches, and brief observations about how the Yellowstone experience is helping them understand how to apply the lessons of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey to their own lives.
* Returning students mentoring other CATC students starting this fall, in the lessons of the Hero’s Journey as a path to successful lives

Training for meaningful careers with Bridging the Gap:  All summer, recently graduated seniors are training in various career paths, including as nursing assistants (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is primary partner), through the CATC Bridging the Gap workforce development program. BTG is an extension of the arts-based programming that helps the students achieve graduation, with supports to enable them to succeed after graduation.

Preparing to become nursing assistants

Preparing to qualify as nursing assistants is hard work, as CATC BTG students learned during their training this summer by CATC partner RN and Associates. Among the requirements: two-year certification with American Red Cross, first aide and adult-pediatric CPR skills, as well as passing written and oral tests. After successful completion of the program at RN and Associates, they qualify for testing by the State of Ohio.

Nursing leadership training program at U.C. College of Nursing

Three of the BTG  students were selected  for a seven-week nursing leadership course at U.C.’s College of Nursing.  They all said that the training they received in Bridging the Gap, including how to conduct themselves in an interview, how to manage their time, and be accountable, helped them qualify for the opportunity.  Two weeks into the course, they met with Bridging the Gap Workforce Development Coordinator Matthew Long, to report on how things were going. Consensus?  A big thumbs-up.  Jimmy: “If I would’ve started college without this (course), I would have felt really lost.” Morgan: “I feel more connected to nursing than ever.”  Aisha: “In college you’re expected to do it on your own; now I come home to study” (instead of hanging out with friends).


Three CATC students attended the University of Cincinnati’s DAAPCamps, earning scholarships to the renowned weeklong, live-on-campus summer enrichment program that attracts students from all over the country and world. The goal? To explore their interests in various design careers such as architecture, fashion design and graphic design.  And, maybe, to change the world.

Destiny Bomar, Alexis Paz, and Tyree Harmon were granted the scholarships after demonstrating talent and dedication during the school year at CATC. CATC, along with four Cincinnati-area public schools, participated in DAAP Alliance, a year-long initiative designed to increase diversity in design-based careers. It is sponsored by U.C.’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, and  Procter & Gamble.

The week culminated, at the end of June, with a public exhibit of the students’ work–including a fashion show–and a graduation ceremony. The DAAP exhibit halls were packed, and the auditorium had standing room only. Alexis says he found his personal style and he has a new appreciation for how much fabric and skill it takes to design clothing. Tyree’s boot design, with Japanese influence in both decoration and function, is one of a handful of designs he says has been selected for potential production at his teacher’s manufacturing plant. He says the week was “life-altering.” And Destiny, who says her goal is to “design something that will change the world”? She hasn’t changed the world yet. But watch out. See slide show.

Ongoing story opportunities:
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