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Back from their Yellowstone expedition!


Eleven CATC students–including two student leaders from last year’s trip– have returned from their learning expedition to Yellowstone National Park. With Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey as inspiration, they studied the ten steps to personal growth and becoming their own heroes. They learned about geology, wildlife management, environmental conservation and stewardship, water management, and outdoor career opportunities. They hiked, practiced team- building, honed their photography skills, learned to measure acidity levels of geologic features, and read temperature gauges of geysers and steam pots. They documented their daily insights and experiences in personal journals and outdoor art activities.

When they return to school in a few short weeks, they’ll share their learning with fellow CATC students, including how to apply the steps of the Hero’s journey when facing new challenges in life. You can see more photos and student journaling samples in the slide show below, on the CATC Facebook page, and in the latest issue of our Changing Lives newsletter. View slideshow