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Bridging the Gap Partners

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Christ Hospital and other health care providers; other employer-partners offering career pathways in fields such as manufacturing, banking and retail. All work to replicate the model created by Cincinnati Children’s including ready-and-waiting positions, health benefits and tuition reimbursement.

RN & Associates provides State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) training approved by the Ohio Department of Health, endorsed by the American Nurses and Ohio Nurses Associations. Students gain the skills to assist as nurses’ aides, in long-term and assisted-living facilities, home health care and hospitals.  The organization delivers a training program that gives CATC students a hands-on experience while preparing them to succeed in the testing and training required for positions in health care companies.

Tri-State Easter Seals delivers Manufacturing Skills Standards Certification (MSSC) training and certification for advanced manufacturing positions.

Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates helps teens develop their employability skills.

Cincinnati Works provides access to area employers, job readiness training and other support services.