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CATC hires two new staff members

Natalie Hager, Sarah DeBrecht join CATC team

     Cincinnati, November 13,  2013 –  A new art instructor and a Beech Acres licensed counselor will be joining the CATC staff in helping to change lives, bring hope and opportunity to urban teens participating in CATC programs this year. The combination of quality arts programming and various “wraparound” services has proven to work for even the most at-risk students at CATC, where senior graduation rates average 93%.  
       Natalie Hager joins CATC as an instructor in the agency’s “2D design” studio. Here, students learn design techniques in drawing, painting, print-making, and other two-dimensional disciplines. In “digital multi-media,” students use advanced programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Soundtrack, and iMovie to plan and produce their work.
“You don’t often see this kind of state-of-the-art instruction at the high school level,” says Hager. She has traveled worldwide as an art teacher, including to India, where she used photography therapy  to help girls rescued from slavery, and the Philippines, where she taught art in an orphanage.  Various art instructor  positions here in Cincinnati have most recently included the Kenney Heights Art Center, where she continues to work. She earned a bachelor of science degree in education at Ohio University and master of art education degree at the University of Cincinnati.
     Sarah DeBrecht , a therapeutic service provider at the Beech Acres Parenting Center, will provide mental health, family counseling, and various social services to CATC students. DeBrecht says she’s known since middle school what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents had to help a family member deal with mental health challenges and “I saw how beneficial quality mental health services can be, for a family’s and an individual’s growth.”
DeBrecht earned a master’s of education in community counseling from the University of Missouri, 2011; and a bachelor of arts, psychology, from the University of Indianapolis, 2008.
     About the Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center
The Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center (CATC) is a non-profit (501c3) entity which, in partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), uses the arts and other programs to keep at-risk students in school, enabling them to graduate, and preparing them for success in life. CATC is patterned after the highly successful Manchester Bidwell Training Center in Pittsburgh, and is a model for national replication of programs that use the arts to help children succeed. For more information about CATC, to donate or to sponsor a child, people are invited to visit or call (513) 562-5500. 
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