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CATC student exhibit premiers at Freedom Center

CATC students joined Dining for Women and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for the celebration of U.N. International Day of the Girl Child, which recognizes girls and women who prevail against terrible injustices worldwide.  CATC students were ready. Their semester-long study theme, inspired by Day of the Girl,  focuses on the issues girls and young women face. The students created a multi-media exhibit titled “Setting the Table,” with glass-fired plates, hand-painted mugs and napkins, and digitally produced  placemats decorated with images that honor brave girls and women worldwide.

Thanks to generous CATC board members, CATC students attended the event and hosted their exhibit, answering admirers’ questions about their work. During an international dinner, Freedom Center President C.G. Newsome spent several minutes talking with the students at their table, and there were presentations about the hazards of being a girl in many parts of the world. Finally, there was a screening of the movie Girl Rising, which highlights the hope offered by girls like Malala Yousafzai, now the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Price winner.   See slide show.