Aislynn B.

“CATS kept me alive. Knowing that CATS was in my future, I knew I couldn’t skip that test or get an F. I knew CATS and Bridging the Gap would give me the structure I was crying out for.” — Aislynn B., CATS student 2014 As a patient care assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and […]

Ronisha B.

“CATC built me as a person and helped me find myself. My grades are better too.” — Ronisha B., CATC student 2014- 2016  When Ronisha went to summer school to make up for a poor grade in math, it was a wake-up call. She’s not bad at math, she says, but she wasn’t taking things […]

Wisdom M.

“In 10th grade, the bullying at school was so bad it was hard to pay attention. The main reason I’m 20 years old and still in school is that I just sat in class, drawing.” — Wisdom M., CATC student 2014- 2016  You might not have known it from her grades, but Wisdom has always […]

Rolando R.

“I was still stuck in being a kid, but I had to find places to live, food, whatever… CATC helped me with getting credits and keeping me away from stuff I’m not supposed to do, like drugs and street stuff. — Rolando R., CATC student 2014-2015 It’s every kid’s nightmare. The day he turned 18 […]

Makala K.

“I just knew I was going to be a dropout. And this year I’m graduating and going to college!” — Makala K., CATC student 2014-2015  “I just knew I was going to be a dropout, and this year I’m graduating and going to college!” says Makala, who accuses herself of having been lazy as a […]

Nayeli and Nancy G.

“I’m going to tell my kids that there are people who will give you opportunities but you have to work for it. And I will tell them the struggles of living in Mexico and the things we take for granted here.” — Nayeli G.,  CATC graduate 2010, BTG graduate 2013 It was a big day […]

Keischa I.

“Do you fall victim to your environment? First step is to say no to the negative things your friends are doing, next step is what’s the alternative? I used CATC as a vehicle to stay away from self-destructive choices.” — Keischa I., CATC student 2005-2006, now working toward her Ph.D. In 10th grade, Keischa didn’t […]

Stephanie P.

“Before I got to CATC my grades were C’s, D’s and F’s, and now they’re mostly A’s. You guys gave me an opportunity when nobody else did.” — Stephanie P., CATC student 2011-2013 Hardly anyone knew what Stephanie was going through. She had sought adult help when a family tragedy made living at home unsafe, […]

Miranda F.

“I tend to have patients who are in their teens…I notice them in their room all day, no visitors and they have cancer…They start out saying  ‘no, I’m OK,’ but then they start to let me do things…get a DVD, make a slushy. If they want 10 slushies I’ll make them 10 slushies.” — Miranda […]

Emily L

“When you’re a child with Asperger’s the best thing is to be with adults, who can correct you…I’m a kid caught in the middle. Not a bad neighbor- hood, not a poor family, but I do have trouble with the average path.” — Emily L., CATC and Bridging the Gap student 2011- 2012 It probably […]