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Decision time: Say “yes” to opportunity of a lifetime?

It’s decision time as many Cincinnati Public high school students settle into the first few weeks of the 2017-2018 school year. Do they attend a short session at their school to learn about Cincinnati Arts & Technology Studios and what could be the opportunity of a lifetime? At Dater High School, about 50 students took the first step as Principal Steve Sippel, CATC Education Director Laura Greene-White, Art Communication & Technology instructor, Ceramics, Jamie Rahe, and College & Career Program Manager Charlene Smith offered a glimpse of the academic, creative, mentoring and career opportunities available at CATC. The next step? Show up. While 2017-18 studio classes begin in mid-September, a rolling-admissions schedule accommodates newly discovered credit deficits, life and scheduling complexities, the urge to go deeper into arts training or to plan for the future. Top row: Dater Principal Steve Sippel endorses CATC opportunities and introduces the CATC team, enrollment kits; Ms. Laura presents a program overview. Middle row: Students watch a video that includes many success stories, such as Jake T., whose mentoring support at CATC led ultimately to a career in law enforcement, as well as examples of hundreds of students whose CATC training prepared them for careers and college. Bottom row: Ms. Jamie describes the various art studio options and passes out enrollment kits as students head to their next class.