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Deck the Hall is Saturday, December 12 – almost ready!

The students are busily preparing for the eighth annual Deck the Hall student art show. They’re putting finishing touches on their work, making sure their pieces are ready to exhibit–and maybe sell–at the Saturday, December 12 show. The theme this year is “Impact,” and the students have been studying the impact artists have on the world, how the world impacts the artist, and how their own environments impact their lives and work. Be sure to stop by the show to see how the students have expressed their understanding of the study theme with works such as these and many more in progress.

Deck the Hall is always a festive event, with families, friends and CATC supporters shopping for holiday gifts, enjoying refreshments and talking with the students about their work. Sale profits are paid to the students–and we cannot overstate the pride our kids feel when they sell a piece! Stop by to see us at Longworth Hall, Lobby C/D, Saturday December 12, 3-6 p.m.