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Into the Woods for leadership training

During a cold February weekend, the group of students who went to Yellowstone last summer further honed their life and leadership skills at Camp Joy.  One challenge was to get to the top of a hill by passing a green marble along a narrow track of grooved sticks. Each drop of the marble sent the team back to the bottom of the hill. Hands were cold, and it wasn’t long before the lessons of Yellowstone kicked in; initial playfulness was replaced by discussion of strategy, cooperation and a quiet focus that quickly moved the team up the hill. Another challenge was a blind-folded exercise requiring assembly of a standing sculpture using parts and pieces they could touch but not see. “These students were already a cohesive group, but the intense focus on problem-solving drove them to identify the unique skills each member brings to a team abd brought them to the next level of preparedness for life after high school,” says CATC CEO Clara Martin.   Full slideshow