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Is a design career for me? DAAP Alliance helps CATC students decide


Did the egg break? Usually yes, according to Laurie Wilson, who heads DAAP Alliance, a year-long initiative designed to increase diversity in design-based careers, and sponsored by the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, and Procter & Gamble.  CATC and five schools have been selected to participate in the program this year.

In a series of sessions, the selected high school students take on design challenges. Here the challenge was to design a conveyance that would keep a raw egg from breaking when dropped from Ms. Wilson’s outstretched arms to, well, the floor. One of the three CATC teams who tried it, did it!  Their design, the “Egg Mobile”–there was a branding component to the challenge, too–looked like a small hot air balloon and apparently created just enough float to save an egg and inspire a celebration.

Students participating in the DAAP Alliance will learn about creative career paths from area design professionals, and will visit DAAP for end-of-semester DAAPworks student shows. In April they’ll have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to DAAPcamps, a week-long, live-on-campus summer program with college-level instruction. See slide show.