Justin H.

“CATC has the standards that you have to get good grades to keep coming. My grades were Cs, Ds and Fs. Now they’re mostly As and Bs.”

— Justin H., CATC student 2012-2014

Justin didn’t expect much when he came to CATC. “Just drawing lessons,” he says. “I didn’t expect anything they do here.”  In his stained-glass studio he worked with copper foiling. “It’s hard,” he says, “I wanted to quit.”  His instructor helped him stay with it and to talk about the challenges and ask questions.

Learning not to quit was just part of the experience that changed how Justin sees himself and his future. “This is like a business atmosphere, and it gives you more people skills,” he says, like shaking hands and speaking up. “I ask more questions, have a head on my shoulders, and  a future mindset.”  That helped his grades at school, too, which he reports are now As and Bs.

Justin wants to begin a career in the navy after graduation, and after that  hopes to pursue a degree in art. “I always wanted to do something in art after high school, probably UC or the Art Academy.” Justin is pretty sure now that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. “It’s a scary world out there, but CATC gives you a vision of what you want to do.”