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Loraine Wible

Digital multi-media (“DMM”)

As a child I was taught that art can bring meaning to every aspect of life, and discovering this truth can lead to greater fulfillment. I am honored to have opportunities to teach this truth to others.”  – Loraine Wible, CATC instructor


As the daughter of a Paris printmaking artist and a film maker, Loraine Wible comes by her talent honestly.  Filmmaking was her first artistic passion and she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in video documentary in Paris. During a short career in television, romance brought her to Cincinnati, where she married and also  earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in electronic arts from the University of Cincinnati.

Loraine continues her ties to both Paris and Cincinnati, participating in the artistic life of both cities, showing her work and enjoying friends and families on both sides of the Atlantic. Among her many artistic initiatives:  In 2009 she launched an experimental art space that playfully challenged art institutions. In 2014 she created “NEAR*BY,” a curatorial collective that organizes shows in local landmarks. Loraine brings broad knowledge of both the technical and aesthetic aspects of art in video production, photography, graphic design, web design and sound art–and a multi-national perspective–to CATC and its students, as a digital multi-media instructor.

Positions and achievements

  • Since 2005, has participated in 18 group shows, two solo shows, eight curated shows, and 22 performance shows in the U.S. and France.
  • Has served in adjunct faculty roles at U.C., the Art Academy,  Art Institute of Ohio, and at Northern Kentucky University where she has taught a variety of digital art classes.
  • Master of Fine Arts, concentration in electronic arts, University of Cincinnati, 2009
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ecole Superieur de Realisation Audiovisuel, Paris, 2006
  • Media coverage including in City Beat, Aeqai, and Bonneuill Matour in France.