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Opportunity Summer is in full swing


Things don’t slow down here just because school is out; CATC “Opportunity Summer” is in full swing and our kids are on the move. Bridging the Gap students, many of whom are preparing to become certified as nursing assistants, shadowed patient care assistants (PCAs) at Cincinnati Children’s, meeting several of the successful CATC BTG alumni who are now working there.  BTG students also gathered with their families at Great American Ballpark and, thanks to CATC board member Bob Castellini, celebrated completion of life skills training with a ceremony and the chance to watch the Reds beat the Oakland A’s.
The latest “pre-trip” for students in line for the July learning expedition to Yellowstone was to Neusole Glassworks. The task? Work as supportive team members while accepting and tackling a new challenge–maybe a slightly scary one involving red-hot-tipped blow pipes, molten glass, and 2300-degree glass-reheating chambers! The students then created their own glass pieces.

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