Student Stories

Ronisha B.

“CATC built me as a person and helped me find myself. My grades are better too.”

— Ronisha B., CATC student 2014- 2016 

DSC05319When Ronisha went to summer school to make up for a poor grade in math, it was a wake-up call. She’s not bad at math, she says, but she wasn’t taking things as seriously as she needed to. “My attendance was poor and the teacher would give out an assignment and I’d just say “‘oh, well,'” and then not do it.
When she came to CATC, the wake-up call got louder and clearer. There were opportunities, but she would have to earn them. In addition to the art studios, maybe she could go to Yellowstone, or start a career through the CATC Bridging the Gap program.

For every opportunity at CATC–including the privilege of being there–there were three things she says she had to do: 1) show up, 2) participate, 3) get the work done. For a girl who describes herself as shy and “always in my shell,” who acknowledges she needed to learn to focus, and interact better with others, that took a little effort.
But Ronisha stepped up, even earning a coveted spot on the Yellowstone trip, where she says she further developed her ability to focus, and to come out of her shell and be part of a team.

“CATC built me as a better person and helped me find myself,” says Ronisha. “My grades are better, too.” Ronisha applied for Bridging the Gap, confident now in her skills for the rigors of that program, and was accepted.

Maybe the best thing Ronisha discovered as part of her CATC experience is a sense of possibility. “Now, I am a person who is full of wonder,” she muses, maybe sounding just a little surprised and certainly pleased with who she is becoming, and her prospects    for the future.