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Study “Aesthetics,” then make good art

“Make good art,” as a source of joy and as antidote to the difficulties of life. That message was part of the presentation that introduced the students to their semester study theme, “Aesthetics.” They were introduced to the concept of beauty, its many forms in art, science and nature, objective and subjective analyses, and the pursuit of beauty as part of a meaningful life.

Next, they headed to local museums and galleries for docent-led tours and to discuss aesthetics and beauty in the art they observed. In these photos, they explored wondrous exhibits at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and took pictures of works that might inspire the art they plan to create back at CATS.

The students are in for a gratifying semester and we can’t wait to see the art they’ll be inspired to make, as well as the personal journeys they’ll take along the way.

See slideshow.