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The students are back–with better prospects than ever

We’ve been proud of our average 93% graduation rate over the years, especially since most students come to CATC at risk of not  graduating at all. But this year, as CATC students return to their studios at Longworth Hall, they have greater prospects for success than ever. That’s because we’re celebrating a 97% graduation rate for the 2013-2014 school year!  Plus, more members of the community, seeing that what we’re doing is working, are  coming on board with their own expertise and resources, adding even more ways to help  CATC students, learn, grow, graduate and succeed after graduation.

New community affiliations include the YMCA’s Outdoor Adventure Clubs; University of Cincinnati’s College of  Design, Architecture, Art and  Planning; National Underground Railroad Freedom Center; Art Academy of Cincinnati.
Top row: Ms. Laura presents CATC opportunities at high schools. CATC instructors greet arriving students.
Middle row: CATC CEO Clara Martin and YMCA Outdoor Adventure Clubs’  Denny McFadden set up the Outdoor
Adventure Clubs display in the CATC lobby.
Bottom row: Students sign in for their sketch books and learn about their first semester study theme, Art as Social Commentary.” See news release for more details.