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The students are back!


CATC students have returned for the 2016-17 school year, after taking a few weeks to settle into their academic studies. During those weeks, Ms. Laura made the rounds to participating schools, telling students about the amazing opportunities  at CATC. Based on the strong turnout, the kids got the message.

The CATC team is ready. The staff met in late August for professional development. This year’s training included how to keep students from dropping out, with approaches supported by findings from America’s Promise–The Alliance for Youth. The team also discussed everything from bus schedules and study themes to how they’ll support individual students they hoped would return to CATC.

Then, skills training in the studios. There are as many ways to interpret one still life as there are students drawing it, as the kids in 2D (two-dimensional arts) learned. Photo opportunities are everywhere and there is beauty in the mundane, as the DMM (digital multi-media) students learned just by stepping outside with their cameras to the parking lot, rail tracks, industrial facilities around Longworth Hall.

Top row, L-R: Ms. Laura shares what CATC is all about at the schools; Ms. Clara leads instructor training classes; Ms. Jamie gives a welcome hug to Maddie D. who now is also a Yellowstone alumnus.
Middle row, L-R: Filing in for the first day, the students are greeted by CATC staff from the moment they get off the bus; “Don’t quit on me,” a compelling slogan for instructors learning how to help kids stay in school; Mr. Regan helps a student work with his camera during an outdoor shoot at Longworth Hall.
Bottom row, L-R: students draw a still life in Mr. Derek’s 2D studio, finding photo opps even in a parking lot; a student gets ideas and inspiration from examples Ms. Jamie shares.  See slide show.