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We’re getting ready for Spring Fever 2017, Saturday April 15

Ceramics and 3D pieces are going into the kiln for firing, the digital multi-media and 2D students are putting finishing touches on their work, matting and framing it for display. CATC students are almost ready for their annual Spring Fever student art show, and everyone is anticipating what promises to be one of our most beautiful shows yet. Please join us on Saturday, April 15th, from 3-6 p.m., at our gallery and studios at Longworth Hall. You’ll be supporting our Cincinnati Public high school students, who can show you around and tell you about their art and ideas, as they studied “20th Century American Art” this past semester. The students receive the proceeds from their art sales, and if you’re in the mood to shop, you might leave with a fabulous one-of-a-kind art piece and its story to tell. We and the students would love to see you there. See slide show.