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What’s my brand? – thoughtful student work at spring show


It was a beautiful spring day for the annual Spring Fever student art show. Galleries and hallways were filled with people shopping and admiring the work–thoughtful creations relating to the semester study theme of “Identity.” How do businesses build brands? What is one’s personal brand and how does that differ from one’s self-image or identity? There were interactive events or demos in all the studios, from hands-on lessons at the potter’s wheel to a “Queen Me” exhibit and photography studio. The latter was a take-off on the King Me exhibit currently in Cincinnati, relating to public perceptions and self-images of African-American men.

“I’m proud of you,” or “you did that!?” is a common refrain at CATC student shows, from proud parents and surprised siblings of our students. Many of their personal identities didn’t include “artist” when they first came to CATC and, by show time, the students too are often surprised by what they’ve discovered about themselves, their skills and personal potential.  View slideshow